Health, Wellness, and Safety for Musicians

Duquesne University and the Mary Pappert School of Music are committed to education of the mind, heart and spirit of each student. We understand that physical health and safety play a large role in that commitment, and as such, the following document outlines recommendations specifically for musicians and their wellbeing.

Should you have questions, please contact Elaine Abbott, Mary Pappert School of Music Ombudsperson for Heath and Safety.

Health and Safety Recommendations for Musicians

Earplugs for Music Students

The Mary Pappert School of Music is committed to the health and safety of its students, faculty, and staff. Since hearing conservation is of particular concern, complementary ear plugs for hearing protection in any school classroom, practice, rehearsal, or performance situation are available from the main office.

Links to On-Campus Clinics

DU Hearing Clinic for audiological evaluations:

Services include basic audiological testing, fittings for musician ear plugs, vocal hygiene (maintaining the health of the voice), and voice therapy (restoring the health of the voice)

Phone 412-396-4200 for an appointment

DU Counseling and Wellbeing Center for mental health:

Duquesne University Health Services:

Links to Off-Campus Clinics

UPMC Voice Center:

On-Site Support

Linda Donovan, from the Spiritan Campus Ministry, is joining the Music School family as a support resource for all of our students. Linda's been a Campus Minister at Duquesne for the past 9 years. Before that she was a Director of Religious Education and Master Catechist for the Diocese of Pittsburgh. She also has a performance background in dance, theater and choreography. (As she said, it never leaves your DNA!) On Campus Linda is a spiritual advisor to SGA and the Delta Chi fraternity and campus advisor to the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority and the Consistent Ethic of Life group. Some of you may already know her through your participation in choir and other activities, but if not, I encourage you to stop by and say hello. She's here to be an additional support-a sounding board, a listening ear and is available to offer some gentle guidance as needed.

Linda's hours here are Monday 3-5, Wednesday 3-5 and Thursday 2-5 (Room 112), or feel free to stop by her office in St. Martin's. You may also contact her at:
(office) 412-396-1628
(cell) 412-491-2144

Other Links

NASM & Performing Arts Medicine Association Guidelines


The books listed below are all available to borrow from the Gumberg Library, and are available for purchase from Amazon.

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