Audition Portfolio

NOTICE: To protect the health and safety of every individual involved in the audition process, all auditions and evaluations will be conducted remotely in online environments.

After you register for your audition, you'll follow the steps below to submit your Audition Portfolio:

Audition Portfolio - Capture

1. Capture Video Recordings – Create high-quality videos that accurately demonstrate your musical ability and fulfill the audition requirements.
*No cuts or edits are permitted.

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Sample recording methods:

  • BASIC - Use an iPhone, Android or other smart device to capture videos.
  • IDEAL - Combine an HD video recording device with an external USB microphone.
  • ADVANCED - Professional HD video camera with laptop, audio interface, and stereo condenser microphone.

Audition Portfolio - Compile

2. Compile Media Links – Upload your media to cloud-based online platforms such as YouTube or GoogleDrive. From there, you can assemble a single audition portfolio document that contains all of your music media links. Your media links should include performance material that meets audition requirements as well as any other degree-specific required media. All audition media must be compiled into one comprehensive document that can be easily shared during an online audition.

Sample Audition Portfolio

Audition Portfolio - Submit

3. Submit Audition Portfolio – Upload your finalized Audition Portfolio to your applicant portal to fulfill the checklist item. *Due no later than 1 week prior to desired audition date. All media is stored with your application for review during the scheduled online audition.

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