Duquesne University Student Nurses' Association (DUSNA)

Passing on the Torch

Image of Incoming and outgoing DUSON board members (not all pictured) with Dr. Snyder and Dr. Devido, Advisors

In April 2019, DUSNA celebrated their End of Year Banquet at Steel Cactus. The 2018-2019 academic year was filled with numerous service, social, and fundraising events for members to partake in. Members also had the opportunity to attend the 2018 SNAP Annual Convention as well as the 2019 NSNA Annual Convention. At each, students were able to network and hear from nursing leaders about the awesome opportunities that are out there. Students also presented their resolution entitled "In Support of Increased Awareness of the Importance of Early Mobilization in ICU Patients" and it passed at both conventions!

The banquet was filled with good food, laughter, and recognition. Members received their certificates of participation, seniors received their graduation cords, and the 2018-2019 board passed their responsibilities onto the 2019-2020 board. The 2019-2020 board is excited to continue serving DUSNA as well as the School of Nursing! Here's to a great year!

Photo: Incoming and outgoing board members (not all pictured) with Dr. Snyder and Dr. Devido, Advisors

Board of Directors (2019-2020)

President: Deanna Webb
Vice President: Lauren Bliss
Treasurer: Sara Andrews
Secretary: Julia Ciotti
Legislative Coordinator: Ysabelle Katigbak
Recruitment Chair: Allison Sherbondy
Service Chair: Katie Anne Kocsis
Social Chairs: Maria Kerstetter and Amanda Rosgony
Publicity Chair: Hadley Mueller
Fundraising Chairs: Ally Dongarra and Nina Sarcone

Top Ten Reasons to Join DUSNA

  1. Become involved in a professional student-run nursing organization.
  2. Become friends with other classmates and upperclassmen, plus get the inside scoop on professors, clinicals, and classes.
  3. Participate in community service and social events, fundraisers, and state/national conventions.
  4. Learn how state and national student organizations work.
  5. Hear interesting speakers talk about professional opportunities for graduate nurses.
  6. Assume leadership positions at the local, state and national levels.
  7. Gain opportunities to receive SNAP and NSNA scholarships and recognition.
  8. Enhance your resume’ through membership in a professional nursing organization.
  9. Be mentored by upperclass students and become a mentor to upcoming students.
  10. Be recognized as a student leader in the School of Nursing.

Contact Us

If you have questions, email the board at: dusnaduq@gmail.com

Faculty Advisors:
Torrie Snyder snydert2@duq.edu
Dr. Jessica Devido devidoj@duq.edu

Visit the student-run web site