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Undergraduate and Graduate Registration and Scholastic Policies

Please select from the Undergraduate or Graduate policies below.  In addition to these policies, students are advised to consult with their advisors regarding program-specific policies and procedures.  

Undergraduate Policies

In the absence of a more stringent policy at the school level, the University academic policies apply. Should a school or program not have a specific policy or should there be omissions or gaps in the policy for a specific program, the University policy shall govern.

In addition to the University academic policies, students are advised to review school-level and/or program-specific policies and procedures.

Academic Advisement

Academic Integrity

Attendance Policy

Audio Visual Recording

Auditing Courses

Cancellation of Courses

Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degrees (non-entry level)

Confidentiality of Student Records

Copyright and Fair Use

Credit Hour

Cross-listed UG GR Courses

Deans List


Excused Absence

Final Grade Appeal

Grades QPA

Graduate Courses for Undergraduate Credit



Majors, Minors, Concentrations, Certificates

NCAA Progress Toward Degree

Pass No Pass Electives

Pathways to Success


Repeating Courses

Second Majors

Statute of Limitations

Student Classification

Student Standing

Transfer of Credit

Transfer Within the University

Unit of Credit

Graduate Policies