Fees and Deposits

Application Fee $     50
Matriculation Deposit (reserves student's place in the class - applied to Fall semester bill) $   500
Residence Hall Pre-Payment (upper class students; applied to Fall semester bill) $   300
New Student Fee **

$   249

International Services Fee***

$   125

Fees for Specific Schools/Programs

Law School Fees (per semester) $   478
Master of Library Science and Technology - Fee per course $     50
Enjoyment of Music Course Fee $    35
Music School Private Lesson Fee (non Music majors) $  500
Pharmacy Student Activities Fee (Years 3-6) (per semester)

$   228

Nursing Technology Fee: Freshman*

$   385

Nursing Technology Fee: Sophomore* $1,265
Nursing Technology Fee: Junior* $   865
Nursing Technology Fee: Senior* $1,110
Second Degree Nursing Technology Fee: (Billed $1,565.00 per term, Fall and Spring) $3,130
Decelerated Second Degree Technology Fee* $   110
BME/BSN Year 3* $  TBD
BME/BSN Year 4* $1,765
BME/BSN Year 5* $1,512
MSN & PMC Forensic Nursing and Nursing Education (per semester) $    65
MSN Family Nurse Practitioner (per semester) $  200
PMC Family Nurse Practitioner (per semester) $  275

Administrative Fees

Tuition Remission/Tuition Exchange Administrative Fee; full time students - per semester (excluding Law Students)

Tuition Remission/Tuition Exchange Administrative Fee; part time students - per credit (excluding Law Students) $  123
Credit by Examination (per semester hour granted as recognition of course proficiency) $TBD
Continuing Registration Fee $  726

*Nursing Technology fees are billed in the fall term only

**This is a one-time fee for all new undergraduate students (freshmen and transfer). It is used to cover the costs and opportunities (programming, communications, materials, etc.) associated with student transition to Duquesne University.

*** This is a one-time fee charged to all new international graduate students . It is used to cover the cost of international student orientation, immigration services, and the international student support services.

updated 4/2019