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Duquesne University Spirit Crowdfunding

The following Duquesne University Spirit crowdfunding campaign needs your support:

  • United Pittsburgh Speaker Series: Give students the opportunity to learn from/with social entrepreneurs, government officials, philanthropists and faith leaders about Pittsburgh's challenges.

Do you have a Duquesne University project that is in need of funding? Apply now to be featured on Spirit.

Scheduling for Academic Year 2019-20 Now Open!

The calendar for May 2019 - May 2020 will open for requests of shared event spaces. Requests can be submitted via 25Live. Visit www.duq.edu/25live for a system link. Please note classroom requests will be accepted at a later date, to be announced by the University Registrar.

Exclusive Grant Opportunity for Part-time Faculty

The Center for Catholic Faith and Culture invites adjunct faculty members teaching in any discipline to apply for a $500 Mission Micro-grant to support a project that reflects and contributes to Duquesne's mission and identity.