About Us

Duquesne University Health Services

The staff of Duquesne University Health Services is committed to promoting university-wide wellness while treating each individual with dignity and respect. We are a team of compassionate, knowledgeable, caring professionals who provide healthcare, preventative care, education and resources to help our students achieve a healthy lifestyle while attending Duquesne University.

We are a component of the Center For Student Wellbeing within the Division of Student Life. We collaborate closely with the other components of the center- Counseling Services and Recreation Services. We also partner with Campus Ministry. This intentional combination of student services provides comprehensive, competent, and confidential healthcare to all full time undergraduate and graduate students for the education of the mind, heart, and spirit. By collaborating and cooperating with other departments of the Center for Student Wellbeing, we share initiative for the advancement of healthy living, acknowledging and integrating the seven dimensions of wellness: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and environmental.

We have created an compassionate environment that encourages students to take responsibility for their personal health, fitness, and education. We embrace the uniqueness of every individual, while upholding the University Mission to Serve God by serving students so that they, in turn, can serve others.

Poor Health can result in educational setbacks. Health is important in sustaining the success a student may want to achieve their academic career. We encourage students to be health conscious. Thus, preparing them for life beyond as health-minded educated consumers of healthcare in society.

Director's Message

     We, the staff of Duquesne University Health Services, look forward to providing you with excellent medical care and encourage 

you to partner with us throughout your college career. We promote university-wide wellness and encourage healthly life styles.

By doing this, we believe we can enhance the capacity of the students to reach their goals  - academically and professionally

  Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns at 412-396-1650 or by email mrvosd@duq.edu


  Dessa Mrvos, RN, Director of Duquesne University Health Services

 dessa mrovos


Eligibility for Services

All Registered Full Time Undergraduate and Graduate Students (commuters and residents) are eligible to use Health services for care. 


Students' interaction with and information provided to the professionals in Health Services will be completely confidential. Health Services is a HIPAA compliant entity.

Release of Information

Without the written permission of the student,  medical information will not be released to: parents or guardians, Duquesne professors or staff, other health professionals, potential employers or insurance companies. Click Here for HIPAA Notice

Medical Excuse Policy

Duquesne University Health Services does not issue any written medical excuses covering class absences, or missed examinations. Duquesne University Health Services will provide a printed verification document from the students' electronic medical record which is date and time-stamped to verifiy the student's visit/appointment at Health Services. The appointment verification is provided upon request of the student only. 

Student Health Insurance

All full time students must have medical insurance coverage that meets the University's compliance of sufficient coverage while attending school in the Pittsburgh area, or purchase the SHIP (student health insurance program). Duquesne University partners with QM services®  as our administratiors and advocators for our Student health insurance coverage and also to assist students to waive purchasing the SHIP plan,  if personal insurance meets uniersity standards. If you have a question or need further information, please feel free to contact QM Services at 1-800-273-1715 extension #2 or by email at university@QMServicesInc.com . You can also access information at  www.QMServicesInc.com    and    www.duq.edu/SHIP

All students who have been approved for waiver through QM services® must then upload a copy of their insurance card to the Health Services Portal.