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Billing and Insurance

Generally, students will not incur significant out-of-pocket costs when they use the DU Health Service (DUHS). It remains important, however, to have health insurance that has *in-network provider benefits in the Pittsburgh area. Students and parents are encouraged to consider enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Program. Further information is found at: www.duq.edu/SHIP.

All full time students must have medical insurance coverage and provide the University with verifiable proof of coverage. If you have a question or need further information, contact QM Services at 1-800-273-1715 - ext. 2, university@QMServicesInc.com or www.QMServicesInc.com.

Duquesne University partners with UPMC and QM Services® to provide an excellent and affordable student health insurance plan (www.duq.edu/SHIP)

Students have access to the following services at DUHS for which their personal health insurance is not billed:

• Allergy injections.*
• Tuberculosis skin testing.*
• Over-the-counter medications and starter packs for prescription drugs.*
• Health promotion and wellness programming services.
• Health history and immunization record compliance.
• Travel medicine consultation with Center for Pharmacy Care Staff.
• Public health services or benefits that are essential for either the personal safety of an individual student or for overall campus safety.
• Physical exams that require completion of a health questionnaire for participation in club sport athletics, clinical rotations, internships, employment physicals, PA Driver Licenses, etc.*
• Other student health program services or benefits that the cost of which should be borne by all students regardless of their personal health insurance coverage.                                                                                                              

* These services will have an out-of-pocket cost for students and DUHS does not submit these charges to students' personal health insurance.

Except for Medicare, and certain other government-provided health insurance, DUHS will submit charges for eligible services, including charges for physician or nurse practitioner visits, to students' health insurance plans. The services for which insurance is billed include:                                                                                                                           
• Routine medical care and evaluation and treatment of illness and injury.
• General health and wellness consultations with appropriate referral as necessary.
• Primary care visits for acute illness or injury.
• Routine annual physical exams / preventive care services covered under insurance policies.
• Routine well-woman care and well-male care.
• Medical evaluations for behavioral health care services.
• Durable medical equipment.
• Other services and supplies as determined by DUHS.

For the above services, charges not covered by students' personal health insurance plans, due to health services not being an in network participating provider OR due to any cost sharing required by their insurance, the student will be fully responsible for charges.

For a comprehensive list of financial responsiblities please refer to the Plan Document.

There are also circumstances where, upon approval of the Plan Administrator, charges may not be billed to a student's insurance (refer to appeals in the plan document).