We know that there is more to college life than going to class.
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Information about Alcohol and Other Drugs

The Office of DU CARES

A student will have many activites as part of their University experience. They will be presented with opportunties that may have not been available to them before. New found freedom, new friends, new environments and new decisions are part of the University life. Most of these will be very positive for students. Some things however, will present new challenges and will require solid decision making skills. Students are investing heavily in their future while at the University. They will invest much money, time, energy and effort while they are here; and that effort is what will position them for their futures. Sometimes the difficulty is not in managing the work load, but rather managing the time spent out of class. 'Out of classroom' decisions are important as they can impact one's future as much as the 'in class' time. And since we live in a culture that adores alcohol--listen to the conversations around adult tables, at tailgates, at concerts, and in many other situations--today's college student is faced with many temptations and choices around the use of this. Indeed, for many this is not the first time they have had to deal with these decisions. The goal of DU CARES is to help students navigate these 4 years (or more-depending on major) making the best informed decisions they can based on solid information. We want our students to make good decisions in and out of the classroom; We want our students to be safe; We want our students to be successful; and we want our students to be of solid integrity and character. These traits do not take a break at 10:00 on a Friday night for the weekend. Character and integrity are important all of the time.

We want our students to have fun and make new friends. We want them to socialize with many different people on campus. But we want them to do that in a safe way, and in ways that will not negatively impact their future.                                                    DU CARES Coordinator interacts with students at the Student Resource Expo

DU CARES is here to:

  • teach students basic information about alcohol and other drugs. How alcohol effects different parts of the brain at various levels of intoxication and how that impacts, decision making, judgement and behavior
  • refer students to appropriate services if alcohol/other drugs become a problem.
    assist and support students in recovery.
  • present programs to groups, organizations, and academic classes.
  • provide suggestions on how to maintain a low-risk healthy lifestyle.
    assist those being affected by the drinking or other drug use of another person.


Student Links to Online Programs:  E Check UP To Go (E CHUG):   http://interwork.sdsu.edu/echeckup/usa/alc/coll/DU

                       (marijuana link)         E Check Up To Go (E TOKE)     http://interwork.sdsu.edu/echeckup/usa/mj/coll/DU/

For additional information, please contact Dr. Daniel Gittins:  (412) 396-5834, or email:  gittinsd@duq.edu      

  The Commonwealth Prevention Alliance Campaign to Stop Opiate Abuse:  http://PAStop.org                                                                                  


Pittsburgh Area AA Meetings: http://www.pghaa.org/php/mtglist.php                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



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