High Expectations

Along with the fun and freedom of college life, you now have the opportunity to build a life of meaning, to increase your academic knowledge and personal values. Duquesne has high expectations of its students and we will challenge you take charge of your life, accept adult responsibilities and seek out solutions.

The expectations of students of a Duquesne student are outlined in the Student Handbook and are stressed during the annual matriculation that every freshman at Duquesne must partake in. The expectations are as follows...

  • Read, understand and live out the values contained in the Mission Statement.
  • Build on the values you have received from those who love you and strive to meet their expectations.
  • Be diligent and sincere in your education, open to learning and change and strive for academic excellence.
  • Be honest and have integrity in all that you do.
  • Recognize the importance of service to others and our community.
  • Grow spiritually, preparing for life, not just a career.
  • Appreciate diversity, be welcoming to others.
  • Respect your body and avoid addictions.
  • Develop a sense of self around your ethical and spiritual values.
  • Develop friendships and know the value of teamwork.
  • Be proud of Duquesne, show school spirit and support University activities.
  • Be at peace, love God, your neighbor and yourself.

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