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Commuter Assistant Program

Each new freshman and transfer student is assigned a Commuter Assistant (CA) during their first year at Duquesne. Commuter Assistants are upperclassmen who serve as mentors to new students as they transition into college life. Each student is usually assigned a CA that is in the same school, and sometimes even the same major as them.

In doing so, students should look to their CA as being a great resource for them, not only about things related to commuting, but also academics and other aspects of student life as well. The CAs plan various programs and activities throughout the semester to get students involved on campus and encourage them to meet other people. Each CA holds weekly office hours in the Office of Commuter Affairs and is always available to meet with their students during that time.

Meet the Fall 2019 Commuter Assistants

Tom Aumer                                                   

Major: Physics
Year: Junior
Commutes From: Beechview
E-mail: aumert@duq.edu

Shawntel Brown

Major: Pharmacy
Year: 5th Year
Commutes From: Shadyside
E-mail: browns15@duq.edu

Artem Dobrochynsky

Major: Pharmacy
Year: Sophomore
Commutes From: Corapolis
E-mail: dobrochynskya@duq.edu

Assegid Hafebo

Major: Education PK-4
Year: Junior
Commutes From: Bloomfield
E-mail: hafeboa@duq.edu

Thomas Houghton III

Major: Music Education
Year: Sophomore
Commutes From: Sheraden
E-mail: houghtont@duq.edu

William Kissick

Major: Supply Chain Management
Year: Junior
Commutes From: Oakland
E-mail: kissickw@duq.edu

Anna Rutkowski

Major: Communications & Journalism
Year: Junior
Commutes From: Brighton Heights
E-mail: rutkowskia@duq.edu

Katelyn Sitar

Major: Biology
Year: Junior
Commutes From: Upper St. Clair
E-mail: sitark@duq.edu

Dakota Stivenson

Major: Accounting
Year: Junior
Commutes From: Springdale
E-mail: stivensond@duq.edu

Jaylin Tuttle

Major: Pharmacy
Year: Sophomore
Commutes From: Crafton
E-mail: tuttlej1@duq.edu


Meet the Spring 2019 South Side Commuter Assistants

Beth Clayton

Major: Athletic Training
Year: Junior
Commutes From: South Side
E-mail: claytonb1@duq.edu

Kathryn Grieb

Major: Nursing
Year: Junior
Commutes From: South Side
E-mail: griebk@duq.edu