Commuter Center

The Commuter Center is designed to be a "home away from home" for Duquesne's commuter students. Located on the first floor of the Duquesne Union, the Commuter Center features a lounge, kitchenette, computer lab, quiet study room and more. Spending time in the Commuter Center is a great way to connect with other commuter students and get involved with programs and events.

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Commuter Center Spaces

In addition to the lounge area, the Commuter Center consists of a lobby and the following spaces:

Quiet Study Room- Room 111

Quiet Study Room - Room 111

The quiet study room is a great place for students to study without any noise or distractions. Here students have space to work individually or in a group.

Computer Lab- Room 112

Computer Lab - Room 112

The computer lab is maintained by CTS staff and only open during posted hours of operations. The computers and printer are free to use with your DU ID.

Commuter Council Office- Room 114

Commuter Council Office - Room 114

The Commuter Council office is located right next to the Office of Commuter Affairs. Commuters are always welcome to stop in and talk to Executive Board members. Please remember they are students, too, so they cannot staff their office full-time. However, you will often see them in the office between classes.

Office of Commuter Affairs - Room 115

The Commuter Affairs office has an "open door walk-in" policy. Students are always welcome to come in and talk to our staff. Whether you have program ideas, need help with a difficult class or just want to say hello, we are here for you.