Freshman Advisement Summer Transition (FAST)

We hope you are enjoying the rest of your school year and preparing to join us on the Bluff in a few short months! FAST is an optional four day program to help you transition to your time as a student here at Duquesne. 

Please feel free to contact us with any remaining questions or concerns you may have.

2021 FAST Dates:

July 13th or 15th: Education, Liberal Arts, Nursing, & Pharmacy
July 14th or 16th: Business, Health Sciences, Music, Natural & Environmental Sciences

The FAST Program Can Help:

  • Meet your academic advisor.
  • Learn about health services, financial aid, tuition deferment, safety, security and student activities.
  • Get your student ID.
  • Set up your student bank account.
  • Order or purchase books and computer. 
  • Connect with future classmates.
  • Take language placement exams (required for Liberal Arts & International Business majors).

Still need to complete your Direct Stafford Loan application? Want to waive the student health insurance charge? Parents need a copy of your student's eBill?

  • For Parents -- obtain access to student's eBill
  • Confirm student's health insurance coverage (to avoid being billed)
  • Complete your Federal Student Loan application
  • Complete your Work-Study employment application
  • For Parents -- apply for the Parent Loan of Undergraduate Students (PLUS)

Have questions about your course schedule, enrollment verification or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?

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