Student Expectations for COVID-19

The health and safety of the University community is paramount, and accordingly, the University has made operational adjustments related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the University community, students are responsible for participating in these efforts undertaken by the University and for complying with the following health and safety rules. Students who fail to comply with these rules are subject to all sanctions outlined in the Student Handbook, up to and including loss of privileges (prohibition from campus), suspension and dismissal.

While these rules are intended to mitigate health and safety risks, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present risks of a unique and uncertain nature and the University cannot guarantee that a student who returns to the University will not contract COVID-19. In returning to the University, students assume responsibility for compliance with the rules described below for their personal protection and the protection of the University community, and assume the risk of exposure to COVID-19, which risk is being mitigated by the University's operational adjustments and student compliance with health and safety rules, but which risk cannot be totally eliminated.

As federal, state, and local rules and regulations are modified in response to the pandemic, these rules are subject to change and students will be notified of any change(s).

Health and Safety Rules

  • Students are required to conduct daily personal health screening, including temperature checks, each morning prior to leaving their house, apartment, or campus residence facility. The screening form will be provided to students. Students who can answer no to all of the questions have a "negative screen" and are free to be present on campus. Students who answer YES to any of the questions have a "positive screen," must contact University Health Services [412.396.2617 or 412.298.8980] who will instruct them on appropriate next steps, and must stay home or in their assigned Living Learning Center room pending additional guidance from University Health Services.
  • Students must follow all social distancing rules set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including maintaining a distance of 6 feet from another person.
  • Unless otherwise directed by a University official, students must appropriately wear face coverings in all public settings on campus whether they are indoors or outdoors. Appropriate use of face covering means that both the nose and the mouth are covered. Public settings include restrooms, classrooms and communal rooms. Students are not required to wear face coverings in their residence hall room or while actively eating or drinking. A student with a medical condition that affects the ability to wear a face covering who wishes to request an accommodation must contact the University's Office of Disability Services via email or at 412.396.6658.
  • Students must contact University Health Services if they have visited an area of high prevalence (domestic or international) in the previous 14 days if they know they have been exposed to an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 and/or if they have attended a densely populated social or public gathering.
  • Students who feel ill should contact University Health Services for a screening and will be advised on appropriate next steps.
  • Students must comply with all directives from University Health Services.
  • On-campus student events require advance approval from the Vice President for Student Life.
  • Off-campus gatherings or parties are prohibited. This prohibition extends to gatherings at off-campus residences. As discussed above, students who fail to comply with this prohibition are subject to all sanctions outlined in the Student Handbook up to and including loss of privileges (prohibition from campus), suspension and dismissal.
  • Students must comply with all University directives related to restrooms, dining, elevator use, stairwell use, classroom seating, parking garage, travel restrictions, and common area use.
  • Students must comply with all directional signage.
  • Resident students must comply with all rules related to on-campus living, including rules prohibiting students from re-arranging furniture and limiting the number of visitors who are permitted to be present in a residence hall room or communal space.
  • Students living in and/or visiting Living Learning Centers must comply with Residence Life visitation policies.
  • Students must comply with all contact tracing efforts undertaken by the University, in collaboration with the Allegheny County Health Department and are obligated to provide a list of close contacts as directed by University Health Services and as required by Allegheny County.
  • Students must comply with the University's directives regarding quarantine, isolation, and preventative and/or health-related measures that may become necessary. A student who has tested positive for COVID-19 is required to follow all University directives with respect to isolation.
  • Students must comply with any additional restrictions or requirements imposed by specific departments, schools, or programs.

In the event that you should need emotional support during these challenging times, don't hesitate to contact University Counseling Services at 412.396.6204.