Discovering a World of Opportunity...Right Here at Home

What types of positions are available? How much experience, and how much education, is required? Are there opportunities for career advancement within the company?

A group of Duquesne University students joined others from colleges in the local region at's recent Business Crawl to meet top managers, human resources officials and young business professionals at a few of the top companies in the region-UPMC, BNY Mellon and Federated Investors.

Questions were asked and answered, giving students the opportunity to hear more about the companies, the job openings there, and what type of experience the companies are looking for in their positions. It is all about the opportunities Duquesne provides it students.

"There were a lot of tips on how to succeed at interviewing, which I thought was very helpful. The event helped me find more job openings at certain companies, which I was never aware of before," said Paul Messineo, who received his bachelor's degree from Duquesne in 2016 and graduated in May with a Master of Science degree in Accountancy from the John F. Donahue Graduate School of Business.

Duquesne is centrally located between Pittsburgh's economic hubs, downtown and Oakland. Opportunities for internships and job prospects abound among the area's predominantly high-tech and healthcare-centric industries.

"The students learned about the companies and career opportunities. Valuable insights to the companies' visions and recruitment processes were discussed with students delving deeper into topics with the questions they posed," said Alexis McConville, Director of Masters Programs and Corporate Relations, Palumbo-Donahue School of Business at Duquesne. "The access and information that the students received was fantastic. It was an excellent opportunity for them to gain exposure to some of the region's biggest employers and to build their professional network."

Pittsburgh is among the top cities for educated young people, behind only Washington, D.C., Boston and San Francisco. Students are attracted to the area thanks to its arts and culture, multiple industries, myriad of internship opportunities and world-class educational institutions.

Messineo added, "The event also gave me a feel for the culture at these companies, so it helped me to get an idea if I could fit into this culture or not."

UPMC began the day with a keynote breakfast presentation and BNY Mellon sponsored lunch and hosted a tour of their own. Federated Investors provided students with a glimpse into its archives as well as a first-hand look at the company's trading floor.

Students from the University of Pittsburgh and Carlow University also participated in the event.