The Administrative Policies




This policy applies to all University faculty and staff.


The health and safety of the University community is paramount, and accordingly, the University has made operational adjustments related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As members of the University community, employees are responsible for participating in these efforts undertaken by the University.

I. Policy

Employees are expected to comply with the following health and safety rules for returning to campus. While these rules are intended to mitigate health and safety risks, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present risks of a unique and uncertain nature and the University cannot guarantee that an employee who returns to work will not contract COVID-19. In returning to work, employees assume responsibility for compliance with the health and safety rules described herein for their personal protection and the protection of the University community, and assume the risk of exposure to COVID-19, which risk is being mitigated by the University's operational adjustments and employee compliance with health and safety rules, but which risk cannot be totally eliminated.

II. Health and Safety Responsibilities, Expectations, and Obligations

A. Employees are required to conduct a daily health screen each morning prior to leaving their residence. The screening questions will be provided to employees. An employee who answers "yes" to any of the symptoms on the daily health screen should contact their primary care physician/health care provider for consultation and follow the advice that is provided. Telemedicine is highly recommended for this purpose. They should not report to work unless and until approved to do so by their health care provider, and should contact their supervisor.

B. Any employee who becomes aware that they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 should contact their primary care physician/health care provider for consultation and follow the advice that is provided.

C. Employees who participate in higher risk environments (e.g. faculty participating in clinical rotations) may have additional monitoring and assessment requirements imposed through their program or Department.

D. Employees are responsible for keeping their supervisor aware of any health-related absences to ensure that their work can be covered by another individual. Faculty must notify their Program Director, Department Chair and/or Dean of potential absences to ensure that courses can be covered and students can be notified. Faculty should not cancel classes without notifying their department chair and/or dean of their absence.

E. Employees must immediately respond to and comply with all contact tracing efforts undertaken by the University and/or the Allegheny County Health Department.

F. Employees are required to wear cloth masks or other appropriate face coverings in all public settings on campus, indoors and outdoors, except to the extent employees are in a fully enclosed office or room that is not shared with another employee.

G. Employees are expected to follow all social distancing rules set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet from another person. CDC Guidelines for social distancing are available here: Additionally, employees should avoid sharing work-related equipment to the greatest extent possible, and employees must replace in-person meetings with video- or tele-conference calls whenever possible.

H. All University gatherings, on and off campus, must be limited so that social distancing measures can be maintained. In general, rooms should not exceed 25% to 40% of the room capacity in order to de-densify. The University will establish seating capacity for each space on campus.

I. Employees must comply with all University directives related to restrooms, dining, elevator use, stairwell use, travel restrictions, and common area use. Employees must comply with all directional signage. Non-essential business-related travel is prohibited unless previously approved by the appropriate Vice President.

J. Employees must review the RISE safety training located on the University COVID-19 web page prior to returning to on-campus work. Additional instructional materials may be produced and required for all employees, as circumstances change and additional guidance from government officials is made available.

III. Violations

Violations of this policy will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Employees are subject to formal disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

IV. History

Adopted: June 2020

V. Ownership

EHS, Human Resources, Risk Management