Employment Opportunities – No Work Study Award Required

Jobs may be available with the following organizations and departments on campus.  Work study awards are not required for these positions.  Please note the specific application instructions for each area.

Center for Career Development

The Center for Career Development office posts openings from Pittsburgh companies and organizations who are looking for students for part-time internships and jobs.

To learn about job opportunities:

Parkhurst Dining Services

Offers food service and hospitality positions in:

  • Towers Cafeteria
  • Catering Department
  • The Incline
  • Campus Market
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Starbucks
  • Cinco Cantina
  • The Red Ring Restaurant

Stop by the Duquesne Dining office in 318 Student Union for an application.

Barnes & Noble Bookstore

Offers part-time retail positions.

Stop by the bookstore to pick up an application. To apply call 412.434.6626

On Campus No Work-Study Required Positions


Position: Office Assistant - Library Admin. Office

Department: Gumberg Library

Pay: $15/hour - 10 hours per week+

Requirements: Enrolled in a graduate student program at Duquesne University. 
Proficiency in Microsoft Office Word and Excel.

Description: This academic year graduate assistant position is budgeted at the rate of $15/hour, for 10 hours per week. Reporting to the Assistant to the University Librarian, and also supporting the Director of Business and Administration in Gumberg Library, the Office Assistant will assist with day-to-day operations related to services, collections, facilities, programming, and reporting. Activities will include: Maintaining charts, directories, and spreadsheets; setting up for events, including moving tables and chairs; Performing clerical tasks, such as monitoring supplies, organizing mailings, filing, scanning, photocopying, organizing/tidying the break room; Unloading deliveries, up to 30 pounds; Assisting with special projects, and other duties as assigned.

Required hours are Friday 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.; the remaining hours can be scheduled anytime Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

How to Apply: Send a resume and cover letter to Maggie Cowburn at cowburnm@duq.edu (412) 396-6136


Position: Tutor

Department: Athletic Department

Pay: TBD

Requirements: The Athletic Department is looking for peer tutors for the Spring 2020 Semester. Applicants are assessed for interpersonal skills, trainability, course content knowledge, and ability to commit to the training program. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. It is a requirement that you have no less than an A or A- in any course you wish to tutor.
Areas in need of tutors:
Business- Business Statistics, Cost Accounting, Economics, Finance and Management courses
Math- Calculus, Algebra, Foundations of Statistics, Problem Solving
Sciences- Biology, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences

Description: Tutors provide individual and small group tutoring sessions in subjects the tutor has attained a grade of A- or better. The purpose of tutoring is to assist student athletes in developing appropriate learning attitudes, behaviors, and understanding of content material. The tutor position is a paid position. If you are a recent graduate or graduate student at Duquesne University you may also apply for this position.


  1. Participate in the required tutor preparation workshop and training for certification
  2. Work with student athletes to create tutor session appointments based on need and want
  3. Complete all tutor verification forms after each session
  4. Turn in all timesheets bi-weekly
  5. Meet with tutor coordinator periodically as check-in for both tutor and tutees
  6. Adhere to NCAA/Duquesne University Ethical and Academic Integrity Standards

How to Apply: After applications are received and reviewed, interviews will be scheduled. The interview will assess interpersonal skills; discuss academic and expectations of the role of tutor for the Athletic Department. Email cover letter and resume to Vanessa Webb to webbv2@duq.edu.