Tax and Employment Forms

Step 1. Print the packet of forms. Click here to download the forms.

*DO NOT print the forms on both sides of the paper.
*Be sure to print 1-sided, as certain forms go to certain departments.

Step 2. Watch the instructional video below. This will tell you exactly how to complete the forms. Do not complete the forms without watching this video.

Step 3. Schedule an appointment to drop off the packet of forms and your forms of Identification for the I-9Click here to schedule an appointment

Completed forms and ID's are to be submitted in person to the Office of Human Resources located at 718 Fifth Ave (Koren Building). A pre-scheduled appointment is needed before visiting the Human Resources to drop off forms.

In addition to the completed forms, you will need to bring identification for the I-9 which can include any of the following combinations:
• A valid driver's license and original social security card or
• A valid driver's license and original birth certificate or
• A valid passport
• Click here to see all acceptable forms: I-9 Acceptable Documents


If you do not have access to a printer, you may pick up the packet of forms from the lobby of Human Resources. Use your DU ID Card to swipe into the lobby of the Koren Building to pick up the ‘Part-time Employee' tax packet. Due to health and safety mandates there are no provisions for you to complete the forms in the lobby or the Human Resources office. You are asked to take the forms back to your dorm or apartment. Once completed you can then schedule an appointment as directed above.

Please remember that you must wear a mask before entering the building.

E-mail if you have questions about the forms or documents.

Once you have finished filling out the forms, click here to make an appointment to drop off the forms with your forms of identification for the I-9.

*Please note, if you have worked for Duquesne University within the last year, you will not have to fill out Tax and Employment forms. If you are not sure, please contact Student Employment to confirm.