Tuition rates vary by program.

Financing Your Graduate Education

Many graduate students must look beyond their own resources to finance graduate education.  At Duquesne, we view education financing as a partnership that involves a student, the University, employer, federal and state agencies and other organizations. 

Key Types of Financial Aid

Duquesne University is here to assist you in navigating the process and identifying possible sources of graduate education financing. Listed below are several potential options to explore for graduate funding opportunities. Additional information related to graduate school funding can be found at

Graduate and Teaching Assistantships

All assistantship awards are determined by the individual graduate schools, not by the Financial Aid Office. You should contact the graduate program staff in the school to which you are applying to discuss qualifications and any additional questions related to these opportunities.

In addition, various departments around campus, such as Student Life, offer select opportunities for assistantships. These opportunities may require a specific skill set to be eligible to apply. Students are encouraged to contact the departments to discuss position qualifications and availability.


Similar to assistantships, scholarships are awarded by the individual graduate schools and programs, not by the Financial Aid Office. Please get in touch with your intended program of study to explore what possibilities exist based on your specific situation. 

Non-Need-Based Loans

An Unsubsidized Stafford Loan is a non-need-based loan. Any eligible student can borrow from this loan program. You are charged interest when the loan is disbursed and until it is repaid in full. The maximum academic year loan limit for federal Stafford loans for graduate students is $20,500.

Graduate PLUS Loans are federal, low-interest loans that the government guarantees. Grad PLUS loans can be used to pay for the total cost of education less any aid you have been awarded.


Students may apply for any part-time position that is posted on the regular employment website for Duquesne University on the Human Resources website.  Students should follow the links for Support Staff or Professional and Managerial Staff and follow the instructions to apply for the position. 

Outside Scholarships

Sites that promote free scholarship lists/services vary in terms of quality. Remember that you should never pay money or supply credit card information in order to obtain scholarship advice. Barring that, it can't hurt to try some free scholarship searches and evaluate different offerings. 

Other Financial Options to Consider

Duquesne Monthly Payment Plan

The University offers a payment plan option. To enroll, visit Student Accounts.

Federal Work-Study

Students who qualify may apply for federal work-study positions on campus.  Graduate students are not automatically reviewed and must request work-study via email to the Office of Financial Aid at faofficeFREEDUQUESNE.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Many companies provide tuition reimbursement for employees. Check with your employer's benefits office to see what opportunities may exist.