Undergraduate students are automatically reviewed for eligibility and if eligible, it will appear on your Financial Aid award letter or in Self Service Banner.

Graduate students are not automatically reviewed and must request Work-Study by email to the Office%20of%20Financial%20Aid. Include your name, best way to contact you, date of birth, and Banner ID, if known. We will notify you by email of your eligibility.

How to Apply for Work-Study positions

Students eligible to participate in the Federal College Work-Study Program may apply for on and off-campus jobs.

  1. The Student Employment Office will notify students via their "duq.edu" email address upon the acceptance of the financial aid package. This email will alert students of additional information and application information.
  2. The Work-Study award will appear on a student's Financial Aid award letter. It will not appear on your bill as a reduction of tuition.
  3. Students are to earn the award amount through working and receiving a paycheck.

Please Note:

  • Students may work no more than 11 hours per week during the Academic Year.
  • Work-Study may reduce the amount approved by the school in additional loans such as Direct PLUS and alternative educational loans.
  • Openings occur throughout the academic year.
  • Placement is not guaranteed; it is contingent upon available jobs.

Upon notification from the Financial Aid office, please check Human Resources for current job openings.

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