Our staff carries out Duquesne’s mission by helping you learn about and pursue all avenues of financial aid and/or scholarship support for which you may be eligible.

Code of Conduct

Financial Aid staff members are prohibited from accepting gifts, cash or other payments from any lender of student and parent loans or from any guarantee agency. Gifts include, but are not limited to, travel, hotel or motel lodging, entertainment, restaurant meals, office supplies and event tickets.

Exceptions may include such things as newsletters or reprints of articles or presentations designed to inform college officials about relevant issues.

In order to ensure the fair and consistent selection of lenders for student and parent loans, the following additional policies governing the University's relationship with lenders will apply in all cases:

No officer, trustee or employee of the University who makes financial aid decisions for the University or who is employed in, supervises or otherwise has responsibility or authority over the University's financial aid office shall receive any remuneration for serving as a member or participant of an student loan advisory board of a Lending Institution or any reimbursement of expenses for such service. Any officer, trustee or employee of the University who serves as a member or participant of a Lending Institution board shall recuse himself or herself from any board discussions regarding the University's financial aid operations.

Financial Aid and its staff members will not engage in financial arrangements with lenders that result in a financial benefit to the University or its employees, including revenue sharing, referral fees or stock options.

Financial Aid and its employees will not accept any gifts from lenders.

Financial Aid and its employees will not accept printing or publication services from lenders at no cost or at a rate below market price.

The use of Duquesne University's name, emblem or logo by lenders is prohibited.

Financial Aid and its employees will not accept staffing assistance or "call center" services from lenders. Calls to borrowers as part of a lender's normal customer service activities are exempt from this policy.

No financial aid, admissions or other staff may receive any commission, bonus or other incentive payment directly or indirectly for securing enrollments or federal financial aid (including Department of Defense Tuition Assistance funds).