Financial Aid Self Service is available to currently enrolled and newly admitted students. In Financial Aid Self Service, you can:

  • View and obtain your required financial aid requirements, documents and forms
  • Review and print your financial aid award eligibility
  • View any special messages and notifications
  • View your financial aid history from all years financial aid was awarded at Duquesne University
  • View Terms and Conditions

Log into the Duquesne Portal to view Financial Aid Self Service

First set up your Multipass

  • You can set up your Duquesne MultiPass by visiting:
  • Click on Setup Multipass
  • Follow the on-screen prompts & enter the required data
  • Call the Help Desk if you have questions/issues regarding your MultiPass at (412) 396-HELP (4357)

Log in to the Duquesne Portal

  • Log into the Duquesne Portal by visiting using your Multipass and password
  • Accepted Students: Click the Financial Aid Self Service link, located in the left column
  • Enrolled Students: Click the Self Service link at the left, click the Financial Aid tab, then click the link for Financial Aid Profile

To view your required documents/forms

  • The home screen of Financial Aid Self Service will display requirements that need to be submitted, as well as requirements that have been submitted and reviewed
  • The Award Year drop down menu located at the top right can be used to change to the academic year you wish to view
  • Instructions and links are listed for each requirement. Click on the toggle arrow of each requirement to view instructions
  • Contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions at 412-396-6607.

To view your aid

  • Click Award Offer tab which is located at the top of the page
  • The Award Year drop down menu located at the top right can be used to change to the academic year you wish to view
  • Your estimated cost of attendance budget is displayed, as well as your financial aid awards, scholarships, grants, loans, and work study
  • If you wish to decline any aid offered, or you wish to accept a lesser amount, please email the Financial Aid Office at faofficeFREEDUQUESNE to let us know and we will update your financial aid
  • You can print your financial aid using the printer icon at the top right
  • To view all financial aid you have received while attending Duquesne, click the Financial Aid History tab at the top of the page

Resources / Terms and Conditions


  • Sometimes we may need to notify students of specific financial aid issues. We will send you an email with a note explaining the message.
  • Special messages and active notifications can be viewed on the Notifications tab

Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • You can view your active Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status 
  • Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to maintain Federal Financial Aid eligibility