Updates and Patches

Software Center

What is Software Center?

Software Center, part of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM), allows Computing and Technology Services (CTS) to deliver, support and manage applications, updates and services on University-managed computers.

Software Center helps ensure your University-managed computer is running up-to-date and compatible software. It also removes the risk of downloading unwanted programs or malware commonly bundled with internet downloads.

For information on how to use and configure Software Center, please read our documentation

How do I receive my updates?

The following software will be updated on a monthly basis:

  • Windows operating system
  • Microsoft applications, such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office
  • Third-party applications and plugins, such as Mozilla Firefox and Adobe Reader.

When a software update is available this icon will appear at the bottom right corner of your taskbar, stating that software changes are required by your IT department.

Image: Software changes are required notification

You will have eight days to schedule a restart of your computer to apply updates. If you haven't scheduled a restart within eight days, your computer will automatically restart on the ninth day.

Clicking this pop-up window or selecting its icon on your taskbar and then selecting View Required Software will a window with a summary of software changes. You can then choose to either apply all updates now or schedule them to be applied during non-business hours.

If you selected to apply updates during non-business hours, you will be prompted to specify your business hours. Select Automatically install required software outside of the specified business hours and then click Apply.

If a restart is required, you will see this pop-up in your taskbar.

Image: Restart required notification

If you click this pop-up window, a restart menu will appear. Select either Restart Now or Snooze and remind me again and then click OK. If you select Restart Now, a final warning will appear to close and save your work prior to closing.

If you would like to install updates yourself at your own convenience, please see the guide here.

When are Microsoft updates released to University-managed computers?

Updates are released on the last Wednesday of every month.

Will my computer receive updates if I am away from campus?

If you are away from campus, your computer will receive updates through Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) or while you are connected to Duquesne's virtual private network (VPN).

If I schedule updates to be installed during non-business hours and turn off my computer, will they still be installed?

No, your computer must be turned on and sleep settings adjusted to not go to sleep when you schedule your updates to install during non-business hours.

If my computer was turned off for an extended period of time, how long will I have to install updates?

If you do not sign into your computer within nine days after updates are available, your computer will check in with the update server, recognize that it has been more than nine days since updates were release, and you will receive a pop-up window stating that you have three hours to install them.

Will my computer receive third-party updates, such as Mozilla Firefox and Adobe Reader, the same way it receives Windows updates?

No, third-party updates are installed separately from Microsoft Windows updates. Third-party updates are installed as follows:

  • Second full week of every month: Updates will be sent to Tech Partners and core Banner users on Tuesday.
  • Third full week of every month: Updates will be sent out to campus, including lecterns, labs and employee computers.

CTS Recommends:

Installing updates and restarting your machine during your workday, lunch, or right before you leave for the day. This allows you to install your updates without having to configure your business hours or change your sleep settings.

If you schedule updates to run during business hours, please remember the following:
  • Be sure to configure your business hours per the instructions above.
  • Make sure your computer's sleep settings are turned off.
  • If your computer is asleep when the updates are set to be installed and your computer is supposed to restart, they will not run.
How do I get my system updates?

Currently, macOS system updates are still being provided directly by Apple. To install the current security updates, please go to the Update section of the App Store.

An update from Apple will not install and says CTS has blocked it. Why?

In the event that an update is diagnosed to be problematic or destructive, such as unsupported operating system upgrades, we will block them until Apple remedies the issue with them.

Where do I get updates for my other applications?

Third-party application updates, (i.e. Office, Firefox, Chrome, Flash), are available in the Self Service application. This catalog will be tailored to the software that is installed on your machine to offer you only the updates you require.

If there is a known security risk to an application installed on your computer, an update may be silently applied to your computer. Any necessary actions following this install will be presented via a popup message.