Summer Semester 2024
Per Credit Tuition Rates

Visit the summer website for special tuition opportunities for high school, new and current undergraduate students

  • Tuition varies by school and program
  • These rates are for graduate, undergraduate and part-time students
  • Tuition is reviewed and adjusted each year. The University reserves the right to change tuition and fee charges if circumstances require such action.

Undergraduate Tuition 

Undergraduate Programs Per Credit
Liberal Arts, Education, Business, HMS, Nursing, Natural & Environmental Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, and Spiritan Division. BS/BA Public Health, BS Health Sciences, BS Health Administration,and BS Pharmaceutical Sciences $1,562
Health Sciences Professional Programs $1,662
Healthcare Supply Chain Pharmacy $1,662
Music $1,677
Pharm D $1,842
Pre-Pharm $1,521
Nursing - Second Undergraduate Degree $20,292
Accelerated Online Liberal Arts $1,138
English as a Second Language (ESL) Full Course $1,383
(ESL) Half Course $692
(ESL) Evening Course $968
College Rate - High School Student $371

Graduate Tuition 

Graduate Programs Per Credit
Liberal Arts and Business $1,476
Education $1,458
Natural & Environmental Sciences and Nursing $1,699
Health Sciences $1,750
Pharm D $1,842
Music $1,976
Law School $1,143
Accelerated Online Liberal Arts $1,158
One-Year MBA   (daytime, full-time) $20,543
One-Year MBA (STEM Extension)  See billing schedule below*

2023-24 part time tuition rates are now available on this site.

*The One-Year MBA (STEM Extension) will be billed the certificate rate for their first two semesters (15 credits), and the One-Year MBA tuition rate for their following three semesters. The MBA tuition will be prorated due to shared credits between the two programs of study.